Melineh's Passion for art began at an early age as she experimented with different forms of art. Soon it was quite clear

to those around her that she was gifted. When she started painting and studying art she had a very strong imagination even as a child and could depict stories of her own. During her years painting as a young girl and wanting to learn form texture and color she attended private art courses with the famous Persian master painter and art expert (Javadipoor) in Tehran Iran, it was there where Javadipoor discovered her unique 

ability to create, and began training her.

After graduating from high school, Melineh attended one of Tehran's finest universities, The Azad University of Art and Architecture, where she Graphic Design. It was during and after this period that she worked as a graphic designer, while

she continued to paint in her spare time. Inspired by great masters like Salvador Dali and other surreal artists, Melineh 

bega experimenting and creating her own individualized style and technique of painting.

Melineh's passion for music is often seen in her art, as she believes everything is in motion and change is inevitable, as is exhibited in her artwork. She feels that painting is the best way she can express herself, as her artwork is a bridge to the

connection, between her and her fellow human beings.

Melineh's art is part of a larger movement toward traditionalism and spiritualism. She believes art has the power to  transform and uplift the human spirit. And when people experience a physical (sight), emotional (spiritual), and inspired

to take the steps necessary for their own transformation.

Her recent works reflect celebration of life, love, and being protected by guardian angles, she believes that her art shouldbring joy, happiness, and protection to each individual that makes that deep connection with her art.

Her work has been exhibited at the Brand Library ( Los Angeles), Harvest Gallery ( Los Angeles fundraisers and private art

shows, including a recent successful show displaying her most recent collection. Melineh was also the recipient of Professional Artist award from her recent participation at the International Art Business Symposium, which was held in Grand Rapids, MI. She participated in the event, which will benefit the Glendale Youth Alliance organization.

at the moment her work is displayed at the Hugo Rivera Gallery in Laguna Beach.

​She continues to teach art to young artists and Directs art shows for kids at her free time.

Artist Bio