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Artist Bio


Melineh Martin is a contemporary artist who was born in Iran, she currently lives

and works in Glendale, California. Her passion for art began at an early age, and

her desire to learn more about actualizing feelings through forms, texture and color urged her parents to sign her up for private art school with famous Professor of fine arts, Master Painter Mahmoud Javadipour. Then on after graduating high school, Melineh attended the prestigious Azad University of Art, Architecture and graphic design.

Mastering the magical technics of color, design and nurtured by the culture of soul sharing, Melineh decided to sketch her own life and career through art. As it is evident, her paintings pay homage to her deeply imbedded heritage of the Persian philosophy and metaphysical poetry as well as her ethnic culture of embracing family tradition and snug human relationships. She believes that lines, circles and colors have the power to connect, transform and uplift the human spirit. Her distinctive personal style emanates joy and peace and expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of life experienced.

Melineh's work has been exhibited at Brand Library's Exhibit Hall, the Harvest Gallery, the Glendale Youth Alliance's Art Exhibition at the Forest Lawn and the Hugo Rivera Gallery in Laguna Beach. More so, she has had her own private art exhibitions at her own residence and has been invited to display her artwork at several charity fundraisers. Needless to say, her artwork is included in numerous private art collections throughout the U.S. She has also been commissioned for her works of art to depict a more personalized expression of themes more inherent to individuals.

Melineh is the recipient of professional Artist Award from the international Art Business Symposium which was held in Grand Rapids, MI.

To keep the legacy of her mentor, Master painter Professor Javadipour, Melineh has taken upon herself to teach art to young artists and directs art shows for kids at her free time.